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Lesbian jehovah witness

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Don't return without the guts to reveal yourself! I tried in the past and what ended up happening is that I fall in love w my bible study teacher LOL I respect their right to choose that for themselves just as much as I respect the rights of the people here who have chosen that the society is not for them, I only mean to ask questions and give put myself in a position where people can ask questions if they so desire.

Lesbian jehovah witness

You are a bigot, nothing more. Alison angel nude pic. The New Testament canon was originally put together the mid 4th century by a guy named Athanasius. Lesbian jehovah witness. And talk about your false analogies. The most recent submissions are posted at the top. But so have the churches wrongly through out history done the same and sometimes still do.

Maybe the fact that they target children, minors to what is essentially a life contract that if they ever back out of their own family will cut them off and not speak to them, before the law of most lands will allow the kid to drive, own a cell phone or see an R-rated movie. As the Watchtower that I quoted earlier said:. My dad is quite elderly and I may not get to see him again and the JW's think this behaviour is okay.

How the fuck can you justify shunning someone from a choice they made when at a time all they wanted to so was watch Barney and sesame street!

But i live with my boyf now. Saying to someones family and friends that they can never again speak to or be with that person is inhuman and disgusting. I found it interesting that the JW poster wouldn't answer or twisted comments posted. Milf sex thumbs. What about the scriptures in the Greek half of the bible which also condemn it? Thanks for the vindication. Keep on doing that great job over there. I can imagine things being orders of magnitude worse if my whole family including extended family were witnesses and I ended up getting disfellowshipped.

My thinking is that the bible is not necessarily anything more than a holy book written by men. Do they reject them as they do homosexuals and lesbians? Wish I could up vote this more. But, if you follow what you believe because you believe it's right by GODS standards and not your own, then it becomes a simple matter of education.

Heard my dad is trying to make amends and contact me. If you spend any amount of time on this subreddit, it's disturbing how often the word "suicide" gets thrown around. If you choose a way of life, and then purposely and unrepentantly, that a key point because no person can actually be disfellowshipped if they are truly repentant for their action act against that way of life, then is it not your responsibility as a grown person to deal with the concequences of your actions?

Raped by police, outcast by family, lovers killed: JWs enforce extreme shunning for any JW that decides to leave their religion or who commits a sin without showing enough repentance in front of the elders. Gretchen There are quite a few gay ex-JWs here on the site. I couldn't reconcile the ideas and teachings of the Witnesses against what I was starting to feel myself.

That is an insult to all those who have been put through the watchtower meat grinder!

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If you want to be a Witness, you have to follow the rules. American girls nude pics. This study explores the written narratives of a subset of gay and lesbian former Jehovah's Witnesses who were able to comprehend, negotiate, and, in most cases, resolve their multifaceted stigmas and conflicts through struggle, self-determination, and eventually connecting with networks of peers who faced or are facing similar stigmas.

The addition of the article "a" has zero ground to stand on. Last week five gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people described how their lives were transformed when they came out — and you rushed to tell your own stories. Lesbian jehovah witness. These questions are universal over the entire organisation, however the verdict of the elders can obviously vary from place to place and therefore cannot be accurately policed as personal opinion and things of the like will always come into play eventually.

And they really need to stop using analogies for shit like this, you just can't compare it to anything in reality. Even in their more recent productions, a video of Song 89 repeatedly shows children - no older than their early teens - being baptized.

Trump-Pence administration refuses to sign statement in support of marriage equality and transgender rights. You will be led to judgement like lambs to the slaughter--a simile whose existence, I might add, will not do your species any favors. Would you expect the courting couple to be counseled for this matter? Are you a mod? One of the big reasons that it is out together the way it is was to challenge the Arian Heresy. I came out to my mum and dad. If someone realizes they don't believe what the Watchtower teaches such as I have and then realizes that morality is not such as is described by the Watchtower.

Just as their heterosexual counterparts' relationships are more complex than based purely on sex desires, the same is true for the homosexual. Pics of naked cartoons. My girlfriend told me she loved me last night. I always thought spirituality couldn't be earned It had got to the point in the religion where I no longer had any or enough control.

Nicole W York says: It refers to not associating with them spiritually. If you want to stay here shoe yourself and I will give you tribulation and see how you like it! If people many witnesses included just tried to better understand understand, not necessarily agree with the views of others, then there would be a lot more acceptance.

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They did exactly that. This went on for several months and I decided that it was time for me to go, so I left in If the JW origin story is true, then he created this mechanism of inherited sin for what reason? So this woman is left all alone. Medical, anthropological and psychological studies, however, have concluded that pedophilia does not cause homosexuality.

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